Organisation of the Vienna Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences (PhaNuSpo)

  • Directorate
    consists of the Head and Vice-Heads who serve as DSPL (Dokorats-Studienprogrammleiter) and vice DSPLs, respectively. They are the main representatives of the school within the faculty, university and the outside world and are responsible for making and executing final decisions related to school issues.
  • Steering Team
    consists of the directorate, three faculty members and six student representatives. It discusses and plans the use of the budget, the strategic orientation of the school, upcoming events, meetings, prepares annual reports/evaluations and is responsible for compliance and conflict conciliation.
  • PI Panel
    consists of all project leaders and supervisors of the school. The PI panel makes organisational and financial suggestions to the steering team, decides about the admission and supervision of doctoral students and is responsible for the training programme for the graduate students.
  • Student Cohort
    consists of all doctoral students who are working on their doctoral theses within PhaNuSpo. They send three spokespersons for the steering committee (two/ discipline) and since 10/2022 six.
  • Scientific Advisory Board
    consists of international experts from academia or industry representing the three main research areas of sport science, nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences. They support PhaNuSpo doctoral school with their expertise and discuss strategic issues with the faculty members. They are invited to the annual retreats and to participate in the internal evaluations of the school.
  • Executive Manager
    assists and supports the steering team, PI panel and student cohort in all technical, administrative and practical issues, including internal and external communication, budget management, organisation of advertisements, interviews or retreats, among others.