Supervision plays a key role in doctoral education. PIs/Supervisors provide feedback and guidance and support doctoral candidates in successfully completing their research project.

The PI panel consists of all project leaders and supervisors of the school. The PI panel makes organizational and financial suggestions to the steering team, decides about the admission and supervision of doctoral students and is responsible for the training program for the graduate students. Hereby the PI panel ensures a continuous development of the PhaNuSpo doctoral school regarding the training concept and the scientific and structural development, by also taking the recommendations and statements of the scientific advisory board into consideration.

The PhaNuSpo doctoral school includes a number of highly experienced PIs who provide excellent infrastructure and conditions for conducting research. Doctoral student candidates are invited to get in touch with our faculty members and discuss their research projects and ideas with them.

All our supervisors consent to the code of good practice.

The PI panel consists of members as follows (surename, first name):