VDS PhaNuSpo activities & Highlights of PhD/doctoral students

PhDs in the spotlight

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A team at the Department for Pharmaceutical Sciences developed a therapy concept that could stop tumor growth.



On the occasion of the 69th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA), held...


The project leader Sergey Zotchev as well as Olga Sekurova and PhD student Anna Stich (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Martin Zehl (Mass...


Learn more about Nowra’s journey in the video “From Statelessness to Covid-19 Vaccine Development: Nowras’ story of perseverance” (United Nation...


Congratulations to PhaNuSpo's doctoral/PhD students Rebeka Fejes (Nutritional Sciences, Research Platform Active Aging) and Christopher Mihajlovic...


With the DOC scholarship, the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) supports highly qualified doctoral candidates from all fields of research.


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PhaNuSpo Events

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The series is composed of two lectures per main Pha-Nu-Spo discipline and semester. Moreover, our PhD/doctoral students will have the opportunity to meet the expert/lecturer in smaller groups for in-depth discussions and exchange.

Speakers of 2021W are: Nutritional sciences - Martin Klingenspor...


We are highly delighted to share some impressions from our first come-together for all graduate students on 02 September 2021 – after a long period of strict social-distancing due to Covid-19 regulations.

With best wishes from the Directors' team, student representatives and executive manager


New doctoral candidates get support to orientate themselves at the University of Vienna. They will receive the relevant information concerning the doctorate, make first contacts with established researchers and peers. Organised by Research Services and Career Development / Center for Doctoral...

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