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We wish all VDS PhaNuSpo students and supervisors and friends and families of our school a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Originally, Andreas has been looking for natural substances to treat acute respiratory infectious diseases as part of an FWF project. "However, due to...


The Department of Sport Science of the Centre for Sport Science and University Sports has been represented by Barbara Wessner, Astrid Mathy, Christoph...


Studierende des "Molecular Drug Targets" (MolTag) haben eine neue Funktion der viel erforschten Membranproteine, namens GABAA Rezeptoren, entdeckt. ...


The winners of the infographics competition have been chosen by a jury consisting of Walter Longauer (APA Infographics Director), Tanja Traxler (Der...


As one of eight PhD students from the University of Vienna, Andreas Wasilewicz was awarded with the Impact.Award 2022 funded by the City of Vienna...

Webinars/Lectures/Workshops & PhaNuSpo events


The webinar programme for the summer semester 2023 is online. The first webinar on "Perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome" is held in February. The webinars are open for predocs and postdocs.


The next public presentations of PhD thesis projects will be held online on Tuesday March 14, 2023.

Deadline for submission of documents: February 6, 2023


We cordially invitate our PhaNuSpo members to join the End of year/ Season/ Christmas party on 12th of December 2022, 16 hrs onwards.

Registration required and open until 7 November 2022.


The aim of the Matchmaking event is to provide opportunities for networking between PhD students, innovative companies and other stakeholders in the life science sector predominantly in region of Bratislava and Vienna.

The aim of the stakeholder conference is to present the results of CARLiS...


We are pleased to invite our PhaNuSpo members to 2 days of exciting scientific and social program with one overnight stay at Stift Seitentstetten in Lower Austria.

Information and registration at


In this winter term (W2022/23), we are offering a selection of exciting lectures given by international and local experts in pharmacy, the food sciences and related fields. Most of the units will be held on-site in lecture room 4 (HS4) of UZA2, Thursdays at 11.30 h.

Calls & opportunities


Application deadline 12 February 2023.

The PES Professional Traineeship programmes form a bridge between academia and the labour market. Promoted by...


CENTRAL-Workshops are networking projects for groups of researcher of the CENTRAL universities in order to initiate new joint collaboration or to...


The VDS PhaNuSpo promotes the international mobility of its PhD students. The travel & mobility grants aim to enhance scientific reputation, career...


Within the framework of Circle U., Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is offering early career researchers (PhD students and Post-Docs) funding for a...


The aim of the Matchmaking event is to provide opportunities for networking between PhD students, innovative companies and other stakeholders in the...


The University of Vienna and its partners aim to strengthen their scientific collaboration. This includes joint seminars/workshops/teaching...

Univie-Support for victims of the Ukraine conflict


Clinical psychologists and psychotherapists around Brigitte Lueger-Schuster offer psychological counselling sessions for Ukrainian students at the...


The University of Vienna stands with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. We pay respect to all those people in the...


The University of Vienna is committed to providing assistance to its Ukrainian students during these hard times of war. Psychologist Brigitte...


ÖAW - JESH-Ukraine emergency call

The aim of the special call JESH-Ukraine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is to support Ukrainian scientists who had/have to leave their country in...