Aleksandra Garifulina, BSc MSc


Thesis title: Modulation of Ligand-Gated Ion Channels by Peptides and Low-Molecular-Weight Compounds

Thesis Outline: The aim of my PhD project is the identification of novel modulators of ligand-gated ion channels (such as GABAAR, TRPA1, nAChR and others) in peptide libraries (focus on toxins from spider and snake venoms) and libraries of low-molecular-weight compounds. Another important part of the project is the study of homomeric GABAA receptors formed by ß-subunits: investigation of the key determinants in receptors gating, their kinetics and pharmacological properties.

The study of the structural and functional interrelations of LGICs and their ligands, as well as the mechanisms of their inhibition and activation, are significant tasks, the solution of which will allow us to create not only new convenient tools for the study of these receptors, but also drugs or therapeutic approaches.

Supervisor & Co-Mentor: Steffen Hering