PhaNuSpo Completion Grant

Doctoral candidates in the last year of their doctoral training can apply for a completion grant for up to six months to complete their dissertation.

  • The 2021 Call of December 2020 is closed and succesful candidates have been informed in February 2021: eleven applications in total and six fellowships got granted

PhaNuSpo International Mobility Grant

Boost your PhD experience by a short-term visit in another lab abroad

Directly collaborating with experts from another country and laboratory and even working under their supervision in their infrastructure can be very fruitful for your personal and PhD project development. You get the chance to master working outside your comfort zone and will benefit from new input, perspectives, valuable technologies as well as an extended professional network.

Detailed information on how to apply online here.

Other funding opportunities

a) PhD mobility programmes

 b) PhD scholarships and stipends, e.g.

c) In addition, we advise to check the websites of the Research Services and Career Development of the University of Vienna, e.g.