Our PhDs on the road: Ramadan Faried Abbas Abdelaziz

Read more about Ramadan's experience at the 41st Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors of the Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg (PLUS), held in Tiers, Italy.

  • Period of stay: 28.02.2024 - 02.03.2024.



The 41st Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors proved to be an invaluable experience, bringing together more than 100 participants from various academic and research institutions worldwide. The three-day conference covered a comprehensive range of topics in the field and provided a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and professional development.

During the conference, I participated in various scientific sessions, including keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. I also had the opportunity to gain valuable feedback and insights from fellow researchers in the field by presenting my research during the cancer session.. The interactive nature of the conference facilitated meaningful discussions and enabled me to broaden my understanding of the current advances in the field of proteinases and inhibitors.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to network with professionals and peers with similar research interests. These interactions have not only expanded my professional network but have also laid the groundwork for potential collaborations and future research endeavours.

The participation the 41st Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors has significantly enriched my knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in my research area. The insights gained from the conference will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of my PhD research and enhance the quality and relevance of my work.

In conclusion, the 41st Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors was a valuable and enriching experience. I am confident that the knowledge gained and the contacts made will have a positive impact on both my current research and future academic endeavours.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank my supervisor Prof. Christian Studenik for the scientific support and the Vienna Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences for the financial support. Without this support I would not have been able to attend and benefit from this conference.

PhD student Ramadan presents his research at the 41st Winter School on Proteinases and Inhibitors.