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(Article and Video in German)

Evidence that highly processed foods are linked to multiple health risks is mounting and calls for labelling are growing louder. In this article and video, PhaNuSpo PhD student Reynalda Córdova explains the results of her recent groundbreaking research involving...


Our podcast team has now been established. The first step of this team is to attend a production workshop organised and run by OHWOW in July 2023.


The project "Smart Sport Assistance" ( aims to reduce participation barriers of visually impaired children and adolescents in physical education and sports lessons. Doing so by developing technological systems and promoting the physical activity of blind and visually...


Dear PhaNuSpo doctoral students,

Do YOU want to actively contribute to the launching of this NEW PODCAST, designed by and for doctoral students? Then we invite you to participate in the launch and first year of production of our PhaNuSpo podcast! Sign up until May 15th 2023.


In her guest appearance in the ARTE documentary "Why do we have limits?", which was released on 13.11.22, Assoz. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Barbara Wessner, Privatdoz. explains the role of genetics in limiting human physical performance capacity.


On April 6 at 18.00 Univ.-Prof. Manfred Ogris from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is invited in the podcast "Ars Boni" (Episode 135) and talkes about vaccines, vaccine development and the vaccination prioritisations.