Pha-Nu-Spo Student Representatives

VDS PhaNuSpo consists of about 150 doctoral/PhD students enrolled in 3 focus areas: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Sport Science. PhD students stay in the centre of our doctoral school. Thus, the student representatives are the students' voice within the PhaNuSpo steering committee. They also contribute and ensure direct communication between students, supervisors and school management.

Student representatives are nominated and elected by all PhaNuSpo students for the period of two years.


Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jiahui Huang


"The squeaky wheel gets the grease. So please yell out your confusion, desperation, expectation. We StuReps are your amigo when you reach out, your stereo when you speak aloud!"

Nutritional Sciences

Rebeka Fejes


"I am happy to support and find solutions for PhaNuSpo colleagues."

Sport Science

Lean Alexander Gruber


"I am happy to support all current and future PhaNuSpo members, so feel free to ask whatever - whenever you need."

Sebastian Bayer 


"Hi, I am Sebastian and I started my PhD in spring 2022. I work in the molecular drug targeting group where I do protein expression and ligand discovery via biophysical screenings."

Katharina Burger


"My goal as a student representative is to help and support the PhaNuSpo Members and doctoral students with the best of my capabilities and represent the students, their needs and ideas in the steering committee."

Peter Raidl 


"I do my best to hear the needs, desires, and ideas of my fellow students and to represent their voices on the steering team and beyond."

Student representatives of the period Oct. 2020 - Sep. 2022

  • Barbara Füzi, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Agnes Draxler, Nutritional Sciences
  • Anna Maria Moitzi, Sport Science