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List of PhD graduates

 Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • Defences 2024

    Dr.rer.nat. Aljoša Smajić, Bc. BSc MSc

    • Defended on 10 July 2024
    • PhD thesis: Machine Learning Approaches for Off-Target and Bioactivity Prediction.
    • Supervisor: Gerhard Ecker

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Fabian Malfent

    • Defended on 08 July 2024
    • PhD thesis: Discovery of natural products from actinomycetes bacteria isolated from various environmental sources with conventional and genome mining approaches.>.
    • Supervisor: Sergey Zotchev

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Anna Vignolle

    • Defended on 10 June 2024
    • PhD thesis: Genome mining of Streptomyces spp. isolated from the rhizosphere of Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum.
    • Supervisor: Sergey Zotchev

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Julia Clara Gausterer

    • Defended on 30 April 2024
    • PhD thesis: New formulation approaches to improve intratympanic inner ear drug delivery.
    • Supervisor: Franz Gabor

    Dr.rer.nat. Sheyda Bahiraii, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 22 March 2024
    • PhD thesis: Metabolic Immunomodulation by Natural Products - Focus on Macrophage Polarization
    • Supervisor: Elke Heiß

    Dr.rer.nat. Aleksandra Garifulina, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 22 March 2024
    • PhD thesis: Modulation of GABAA Receptors by Low-Molecular-Weight Compounds
    • Supervisors: Steffen Hering

    Dr.rer.nat. Ramadan Faried Abbas Abdelaziz

    • Defended on 14 March 2024
    • PhD thesis: Molecular Investigations: Targeting Cysteine Cathepsins for Enhancing Cancer Therapy and Radiation Sensitivity
    • Supervisors: Christian Studenik and Tamer Salem

    Dott.mag.Dr.rer.nat. Nedra Mekni

    • Defended on 25 January 2024
    • PhD thesis: Integrating Structure-Based Approaches and Artificial Intelligence Models for Computer-Aided Molecular Design
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Ugo Perricone

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat Anna Magdalena Huber

    • Defended on 18 January 2024
    • PhD thesis: A human neuronal in vitro model to investigate a protein replacement therapy for Rett Syndrome
    • Supervisors: Christian Studenik and Franco Laccone

    Dr.rer.nat. Feng Li, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 05 January 2024
    • PhD thesis: Nanocarrier formulations for the enhanced treatment of respiratory tuberculosis infections
    • Supervisor: Lea Ann Dailey
  • Defences 2023

    Dr.rer.nat. Carina Müller, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 20 December 2023
    • PhD thesis: Knock-out-validated Proteomic Characterization of the Dopamine Transporter Interactome by Mass Spectrometry and its Role in the Dopaminergic System
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Ernst Urban

    Dr.rer.nat. Christian Permann, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 25 October 2023
    • PhD thesis: Molecular Informatics of Next Generation Macrocycles
    • Supervisor: Thierry Langer

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Eva-Maria Patronas

    • Defended on 19 October 2023
    • PhD thesis: Quantitative imaging of energy-dependent processes: opportunities and limitations of 2-(18F)FDG
    • Supervisors: Helmut Viernstein and Markus Mitterhauser

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Andreas Wasilewicz

    Arthur Philippe Garon, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 25 August 2023
    • PhD thesis: Towards Next Generation Pharmacophore Models
    • Supervisor: Thierry Langer

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Katharina Skoll

    • Defended on 12 June 2023
    • PhD thesis: Sonochemically prepared human serum albumin capsules as a versatile targeted drug delivery vehicle
    • Supervisors: Michael Wirth and Franz Gabor

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Maria Anzengruber

    • Defended on 26 May 2023
    • PhD thesis: Synthesis and ex-vivo characterization of lipophilicity customized drug molecules and functionalised building blocks for preparation of nanoparticles
    • Supervisors: Michael Wirth and Franz Gabor

    Mgr. Dr.rer.nat. Monika Malik

    • Defended on 17 May 2023
    • PhD thesis: Harnessing Novel Homologation Concepts with or without External Methylene Delivering Agents
    • Supervisor: Vittorio Pace

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Michael Jirout (neé Bründl)

    • Defended on 12 May 2023
    • PhD thesis: Gating and Conduction Regulation of Inward Rectifier K+ Channels
    • Supervisor: Anna Weinzinger

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Simon Decker

    • Defended on 17 February 2023
    • PhD thesis: Peptide targeted gene therapy using functionalized polyethylenimine and dendrimer based nucleic acid carriers
    • Supervisor: Manfred Ogris

    Dr.rer.nat. Shima Kouhnavardi, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 17 February 2023
    • PhD thesis: Novel Modafinil Analogs Targeting the Dopamine Transporter as Cognitive Enhancers
    • Supervisor: Ernst Urban

    Dr.rer.nat. Doha Naga Kamal Naga, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 26 January 2023
    • PhD thesis: Machine learning tools for multivariate early assessment of small molecules in drug discovery and development
    • Supervisor: Gerhard F. Ecker
  • Defences 2022

    Dr.rer.nat. Stefan Michael Kohlbacher, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 22 December 2022
    • PhD thesis: Applied machine-learning in the field of next-generation pharmacophores
    • Supervisor: Thierry Langer

    Dr.rer.nat. Barbara Füzi, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 13 December 2022
    • PhD thesis: Data science approaches for deciphering the systemic background of toxic events induced by drugs
    • Supervisor: Gerhard Ecker

    Dr.rer.nat. Mareike Rentzsch, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 12 December 2022
    • PhD thesis: Targeted delivery to Langerin-expressing cells
    • Supervisor: Christoph J. H. Rademacher

    Dr.rer.nat. Jörg Heider, BSc MSc MSc

    • Defended on 9 December 2022
    • PhD thesis: Apo2ph4 - Automatic Pharmacophore Generation from Apo Protein Structures: Tool Development and Application to the Design and Synthesis of Novel Bio-active Small Molecules
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Thomas Seidel

    Dr.rer.nat. Verena Battisti

    • Defended on 9 November 2022
    • PhD thesis: Design, Synthesis, and Pharmacological Optimisation of Potent Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors of Chikungunya Virus
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Ernst Urban

    Dr.rer.nat. Hengxi Zhang

    • Defended on 4 November 2022
    • PhD thesis: Identification of allosteric modulators and investigations into the allosteric mechanism of the C-type lectins DC-SIGN and Langerin
    • Supervisor: Christoph J. H. Rademacher

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Göls, MSc

    • Defended on 13 October 2022
    • PhD thesis: Balm of Norway spruce (Picea abies) as wound healing agent - Isolation, identification and analysis of main constituents and their pro-migratory effect on keratinocytes
    • Supervisors: Sabine Glasl-Tazreiter and Elke Heiß

    Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.nat. Jonas Kilian, BSc

    • Defended on 30 September 2022
    • PhD thesis: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel Ligands for the Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M1 Towards Their Potential Application as Diagnostic Probes
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Verena Pichler 

     Dr.rer.nat. Marina Garcia de Lomana Rodriguez, Grda., MSc

    • Defended on 16 September 2022
    • PhD thesis: In silico prediction of in vitro and in vivo toxicity endpoints based on chemical and biological descriptors
    • Supervisor: Johannes Kirchmair and Thierry Langer

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Julia Langeder

    • Defended on 03.08.2022
    • Thesis: Analytical advances to understand the therapeutic potential of natural products in low respiratory tract infections
    • Supervisor: Judith M. Rollinger

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Mirta Resetar

    • Defended on 22.07.2022
    • Thesis: Characterization of LRK071, a structural analog of the natural product honokiol, as a novel RXR agonist
    • Supervisor: Verena M. Dirsch

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Shu-Hua Liu

    • Defended on 08 April 2022
    • Thesis: Environmental factors influence the immune response to ragweed pollen in acute and relapsing mouse models of asthma
    • Supervisors: Oskar Hoffmann (Univ. of Vienna) and Karin Hoffmann-Sommmergruber (MedUni Vienna)

    Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.nat. Oliver Wieder

    • Defended on 07 April 2022
    • Thesis: Graph-based method development for Computer-Aided Drug Design
    • Supervisor: Thierry Langer

    Dott.mag. Dr.rer.nat. Margherita Miele

    • Defended on 04 April 2022
    • Thesis: Design and Development of Homologation and Related Strategies for Expanding the Chemical Space of Halogen-Containing Manifolds
    • Supervisor: Vittorio Pace

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Julia Zwirchmayr

    • Defended on 24 February 2022
    • Thesis: Approaches to Unravel the Bioactivities of Natural Remedies
    • Supervisors: Judith Maria Rollinger and Ulrike Grienke

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Benjamin Kirchweger

    • Defended on 9 February 2022
    • Thesis: Natural products against metabolic diseases: Models for in silico to in vivo discovery
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Judith M. Rollinger

    Dr.rer.nat. José Manuel Cruz Rubio, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 3 February 2022
    • Thesis: Oligo- and polysaccharides isolated from the mucilage of Opuntia ficus-indica and Opuntia joconostle cladodes: characterization and potential use as a pharmaceutical prebiotic ingredient
    • Supervisor: Helmut Vier­nstein
  • Defences 2020/21

    Dr.rer.nat. Dagmar Pretsch, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc

    • Defended on 2 November 2021
    • Thesis: Targeting abnormal metal homeostasis to combat neurodegenerative disorders by natural products
    • Supervisors: Judith Maria Rollinger, and Axel Schmid (Department of Neurobiology)

    Dr.rer.nat. Magdalena Billerhart, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 17 September 2021
    • Thesis: A new immunogene therapy approach inducing tumor eradication by a non-viral plasmid vector encoding for a secreting SIRPa-Fc fusion protein (sCV1-hIgG1) targeting CD47
    • Supervisor: Manfred Ogris

    Dott. mag. Dr.rer.nat. Raffaele Senatore

    • Defended on 27 July 2021
    • Thesis: Development of Synthetic Concepts for C1-Homologative Events and Activation of Molecular Rearrangements
    • Supervisors: Thierry Langer and Vittorio Pace

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Claudia Vater

    • Defended on 25 July 2021
    • Thesis: Development and analysis of phospholipid-based formulations for topical application and their possible toxicity on human skin cells via cell culture
    • Supervisors: Michael Wirth and Claudia Valenta

    Mgr. Dr. Alžběta Türková, Bc.

    • Denfended on 16 February 2021
    • Thesis: Data-driven Molecular Modeling Studies with a Special Focus on Hepatocellular Uptake Transporters
    • Supervisor: Barbara Zdrazil

    Dr.rer.nat. Barbara Hufnagel, BSc MSc 

    • Defended on 17 December 2020
    • Thesis: Functional properties of prebiotics and metabolites of probiotics             
    • Supervisor: Franz Gabor and Georg Gübitz

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Astrid Pany       

    • Defended on 26 November 2020
    • Thesis: Influence of hair removal and submicron-sized carriers on skin barrier function
    • Supervisor: Claudia Valenta

    Dr.rer.nat. Saad Touqeer

    • Defended on 22 October 2020
    • Thesis: Designing New Concepts in Homologation Chemistry with Halocarbenoids: from Direct Transfersinto Electrophilic Platforms to Molecular Rearrangements
    • Supervisor: Vittorio Pace

    Mag.pharm. Dr.rer.nat. Eva Mittermair

    • Defended on 29 September 2020
    • Thesis: Xanthones from Metaxya rostrata as promising new lead compounds for cancer therapy
    • Supervisors: Liselotte Krenn and Brigitte Marian

 Nutritional Sciences


  • Defences 2024

    Dr.rer.nat.Theresa Schott, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc

    • Defended on 14 June 2024
    • PhD thesis: Establishment of a complex porcine gut model in vitro.
    • Supervisor: Jürgen König
  • Defences 2023

    Dr.rer.nat. Reynalda Córdova, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 19 December 2023
    • PhD thesis: The association of ultra-processed food (UPF) consumption and dietary advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) intake with the risk of obesity, cancer, and multimorbidity
    • Supervisor: Karl-Heinz Wagner


    Dr.rer.nat. Agnes Draxler, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 05 September 2023
    • PhD thesis: DNA damage and oxidative stress in healthy community-dwelling older adults after a dietary and lifestyle intervention and in COVID-19-infected patients
    • Supervisor: Karl-Heinz Wagner


    Dr.rer.nat. Ulrike Krammer, BSc MSc

    • Defended on 10 March 2023
    • PhD thesis: The influence of lifestyle such as exercise, psychological stress, and nutrition on epigenetic regulation via DNA methylation and miRNAs
    • Supervisors: Alexander Haslberger and Petra Rust
  • Defences 2022

    Dr.rer.nat. Mag. Marlene Wahl

    • Defended on 7 December 2022
    • PhD thesis: The impact of a sensory training on gustatory and olfactory perception in school children and its relevance in the context of nutrition and consumer education at a lower secondary level in Austria.
    • Supervisor: Dorota Majchrzak

    Dr.rer.nat. Finn Jung BSc MSc

    • Defended on 7 November 2022
    • PhD thesis: Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Alkoholkonsum und Bierinhaltsstoffen auf die Entstehung metabolischer Lebererkrankungen und auf Entzündungsprozesse
    • Supervisor: Ina Bergheim

    Dr.rer.nat. András Gregor

    • Defended on 25 October 2022
    • PhD thesis: Impact of caloric restriction on the gastrointestinal tract and the role of taurine and bile acids
    • Supervisors: Jürgen König and Kalina Duszka

    Mag. Dr.rer.nat. Irene Kászoni-Rückerl

    • Defended on 10 June 2022
    • PhD thesis: Characterisation of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua to investigate contamination scenarios in dairy processing facilities
    • Supervisors: Karl-Heinz Wagner and Martin Wagner (vetmeduni Vienna)

    Mag.phil. Dr.rer.nat Claudia Anna Hana, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc

    • Defended on 08 April 2022
    • Thesis: Protective mechanisms of circulating bilirubin against chronic metabolic diseases
    • Supervisor: Karl-Heinz Wagner
  • Defences 2020/21

    Dr.rer.nat Stephanie Viola Lilja, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc

    • Defended on 20 December 2021
    • Thesis: The effects of periodic fasting/fasting mimetics on gut microbiota and epigenetic regulation, especially sirtuins, with the aspect of healthy aging
    • Supervisor: Alexander Haselberger

    Dr.rer.nat Amirhossein Yarparvar

    • Defended on 04 March 2021
    • Thesis: Studying the effectiveness of the national program of Vitamin D mega-dose supplementation on the Vitamin D status of the adolescent boys in Tehran
    • Supervisor: Ibrahim Elmadfa

    Dr.rer.nat. Annette Brandt, MSc

    • Defended on 3 December 2020
    • Thesis: "Modulators of intestinal permeability in the prevention and therapy of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease"
    • Supervisor: Ina Bergheim

 Sport Science


  • Defences 2024

    Matthias Hovorka, PhD

    • PhD thesis: Long-term development of aerobic fitness and oxygen uptake kinetics, and their relationships to alterations in the balance between microvascular oxygen supply and utilization in highly-trained adolescent cyclists.
    • Defended on 5 June 2024
    • Supervisor: Alfred Nimmerrichter (University of Applied Sciences/Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Austria)

    Mag.rer.nat. Horst Stocker, PhD

    • PhD thesis: Die körperliche Entwicklung der österreichischen Stellungspflichtigen von 2007 bis 2016
    • Defended on 4 April 2024
    • Supervisor: Harald Tschan
  • Defences 2023

    Mag.phil. Lucia Gassner, Bakk.rer.nat PhD

    • PhD thesis: Sport Climbing with Parkinson's Disease and its Impacts on the Quality of Life
    • Defended on 06 November 2023
    • Supervisor: Pokus Rochan

    Bence Supola, MSc PhD

    • Defended on 06 October 2023
    • PhD thesis: Improving ball movement in basketball using spatio-temporal data
    • Supervisor: Arnold Baca

    Mag.Mag. Andreas Raab, Bakk. PhD

    • Defended on 22 August 2023
    • PhD thesis: Perspektiven des Einsatzes digitaler Informations- und  Kommunikationstechnologie im Bewegungs- und Sportunterricht: (fach)didaktische Zugänge und qualitative Befunde aus Sicht von Lehrkräften
    • Supervisor: Michael Kolb

    Dipl.-Päd. Christopher Paul Steffen Mihajlovic, PhD

    • Defended on 21 April 2023
    • PhD thesis: Responding to diversity in Physical Education: An analysis of the Finnish National Curriculum and the teachers' perspective
    • Supervisor: Stefan Meier

    Arben Boshnjaku, BSc MSc PhD

    • Defended on 15 March 2023
    • PhD thesis: Age-related loss of muscle mass and function in Kosovan older men and women and its association with the ACTN3 genotype
    • Supervisor: Barbara Wessner

    Che-Wei Hu, BSc MSc PhD

    • Defended on 23 February 2023
    • PhD thesis: Novel Shoe Inserts for Adults-acquired Flatfoot Deformity-Design, Fabrication, and Biomechanical Assessment
    • Supervisor: Arnold Baca

    Bakk.rer.nat. Bendikt Mitter, MSc PhD

    • Defended on 11 January 2023
    • PhD thesis: Modeling strength-endurance: An individualized approach
    • Supervisor: Harald Tschan
  • Defences 2022

    Dott. mag. Dott. Gianmarco Giocca, PhD

    • Defended on 13 July 2022
    • PhD thesis: The Relevance of Decision-Making and Mental Fatigue in Sport Performanc
    • Supervisor: Harald Tschan
  • Defences 2020/21

    Martin Gröber, MSc PhD

    • Defended on 5 November 2021
    • Thesis: History-dependent properties in a stretch-shortening cycle: Influence of contraction intensity, rotation magnitude and muscle-tendon unit length
    • Supervisor: Barbara Wessner

    Dr.rer.nat. Dominik Hölbling, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc

    • Defended on 28 April 2021
    • Thesis: Physiological and performance requirements in off-road cyclists
    • Supervisor: Arnold Baca

    Dr.rer.nat. Bernhard Prinz, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc

    • Defended on 19 March 2021
    • Thesis: Physiological and performance requirements in off-road cyclists
    • Supervisor: Harald Tschan

    Mag.phil. Mag.phil. Dr.phil. Andrea Maria Kraus

    • Defended on 20 January 2021
    • Thesis: Gewaltprävention und Selbstverteidigung in der Schule unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Geschlechterperspektive
    • Supervisor: Michael Kolb

    Mag.rer.nat. Dr.phil. Martin Kölbel

    • Defended on 30 October 2020
    • Thesis: Schools on the brink - geflüchtete und vertriebene Personen als Herausforderung für das System Schule und den Schulsport
    • Supervisor: Michael Kolb