Mission Statement

This doctoral program intends to provide an internationally competitive scientific training of doctoral students in innovative pharma, food and sport research. The school wants to attract motivated students and to guide them towards scientific excellence and independence in a truly unique and dynamic multi-as well as interdisciplinary environment to finally become well-educated, open-minded and responsible graduates.

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New doctoral candidates get support to orientate themselves at the University of Vienna. They will receive the relevant information concerning the doctorate, make first contacts with established researchers and peers. Organised by Research Services and Career Development / Center for Doctoral...


The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences becomes a member of Green Labs Austria. The initiative wants to connect labs in Austria to reduce our carbon footprint.

Founded in spring 2020 by students and postdocs of the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Vienna, the...


The series is composed of two lectures per main Pha-Nu-Spo discipline and semester. Moreover, our PhD/doctoral students will have the opportunity to meet the expert/lecturer in smaller groups for in-depth discussions and exchange.

Speakers of 2021W are: Nutritional sciences - Martin Klingenspor...


The project leader Sergey Zotchev as well as Olga Sekurova and PhD student Anna Stich (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Martin Zehl (Mass Spectrometry Centre of the University of Vienna) altered together with an international team of scientists DNA polymerase of the model strain...


Weltweit werden derzeit Menschen gegen den Corona-Auslöser, das SARS-CoV-2-Virus, geimpft. Wie lange die entwickelten Vakzine wirksam sind, ob sie auch gegen Mutanten helfen und ob sie sowohl bei milden wie ernsten Verläufen helfen, ist derzeit noch unklar. Einen neuen Behandlungsweg untersucht die...


Learn more about Nowra’s journey in the video “From Statelessness to Covid-19 Vaccine Development: Nowras’ story of perseverance” (United Nation (UNRWA)).

Today he is a doctoral candidate of the Vienna Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences.



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