Your benefits

The VDS PhaNuSpo is one of the top destinations for ambitious and highly qualified doctoral candidates in and across the fields of pharmaceutical, nutritional and sport sciences. The VDS PhaNuSpo focuses on supporting excellent research through close supervision, integration, networking and funding programmes.

Your benefits are:

  • Supervision by at least two expert academics (Thesis Committee)
  • Close mentoring and guidance to ensure appropriate project progress, such as through regular meetings with supervisors and thesis committee and faculty members with appropriate feedback and input sessions, presentations at annual retreats and written annual progress reports
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and analytical technologies supporting in silico, in vitro, in vivo and omics approaches in all participating laboratories
  • Integration into both academia and industry
  • Additional financial support in form of mobility or travel grants to attend international meetings or visit other research laboratories
  • Competitive completion grants to complete promising projects beyond the funded contract period
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary exchange in joint courses, retreats or seminars/workshops and social events
  • Promotion of teaching and other soft skills by integrating students into departmental teaching activities (according to students' qualifications and interests) and access to a wide range of topical courses offered by the DLE Human Resources and Gender Equality as well as the Research and Career Development Service.
  • Low hierarchies and open door policies
  • A strong students voice in the doctoral school's Steering Committee
  • Committed administrative support
  • Travel grant: to support PhD students presenting their scientific work at international science conferences, etc.
  • Mobility grant: to support and enhance direct collaboration with experts from another laboratory
  • Completion grant: support PhD students in the final phase beyond their current thesis funding