The curriculum for the doctoral/PhD programme includes the following key elements

  • The degree programme duration is 3 years
  • ECTS requirements:
    • Nutritional Sciences and Pharmacy: at least 20 ECTS
    • Sport Science: 18-30 ECTS
  • Public presentation of the thesis project within the first year of doctoral studies 
  • Signing a doctoral thesis agreement subsequent to the successful public presentation
  • Submission of annual progress reports subsequent to the thesis agreement
  • Write a doctoral thesis, which demonstrates the candidate's ability to master scientific questions independently
  • Submission and review of thesis, and public defense

The PhD programme is structured along three phases

Further information and contacts

Admission to the PhD programme

Public presentation and doctoral thesis agreement

Research phase

  • Talk to your supervisor(s) and/or TAC regarding experimental plans and approaches, publications or coursework
  • Administration and general information PhaNuSpo executive manager | +43-1-4277-50030

Submission, review and defense