The curriculum for the doctoral/PhD programme includes the following key elements:

  • The duration of the degree programme is 3 years.
  • ECTS requirements:
    • Nutritional Sciences and Pharmacy: at least 20 ECTS
    • Sport Science: 18-30 ECTS
  • Public presentation of the thesis project within the first year of doctoral studies 
  • Signing of a doctoral thesis agreement following the successful public presentation
  • Submission of annual progress reports subsequent to the thesis agreement
  • Writing a doctoral thesis, which demonstrates the candidate's ability to master scientific questions independently
  • Submission and review of thesis and public defense


The PhD programme is structured along three phases:

Admission & year one

Research phase

Final Phase

  • Recommendation: Initiation of the administrative procedures about 6 months before the scheduled defense date
  • Finalising the doctoral thesis (monograph or cumulative dissertation)
  • Submitting the dissertation
  • Review of the thesis by 2 external high-level scientists of respective field
  • Public Defense


Admission to the PhD programme

Public presentation and doctoral thesis agreement

Research phase

  • Talk to your supervisor(s)/ TAC regarding experimental plans and approaches, publications and coursework

Administration and general information

  • PhaNuSpo executive manager Isolde Prommer Email | +43-1-4277-50030

Submission, review and defense

  • Talk to your supervisor(s)/ TAC resp. final thesis and external reviewers