In order to apply for a doctorate, the applicant must hold a master's degree in the intended field of research. Additionally, you must submit a description of your intended doctoral project and the willingness of a professor/PI member to supervise you. Your application will be reviewed by the study programme leaders. Please note that it may take several weeks to process your application.

Application takes place online via u:space and is possible all year around.

  1. Admission to the Doctoral/PhD programme
  2. Your benefits being a PhaNuSpo member
  3. Requirements by the PhD/Doctoral curriculum of the University of Vienna
  4. Tuition fee
  5. International doctoral candidates
  6. Navigating in Vienna & Austria

1. Admission to the Doctoral/PhD programme

To be able to apply for a doctorate, the applicant must hold a master's degree in the intended field of research. Application is possible all year around and takes place online via u:space. Please note that you have to renew your enrollment every semester. This has to take place within the regular admission period. 

To become a PhaNuSpo member you can choose from following research areas:

Additionally, a number of documents related to your intended research project need to be submitted (see links below). Your application will be reviewed by the responsible Directors of Doctoral Studies Programmes. Please note that the processing of your application can take several weeks. 

2. Your benefits being a PhaNuSpo member

The VDS PhaNuSpo is one of the top destinations for ambitious and highly qualified doctoral candidates in and across the fields of pharmaceutical, nutritional and sport sciences. The VDS PhaNuSpo focuses on supporting excellent research through close supervision, integration, networking and funding programmes.

  • Close supervision and supportive mentoring by at least two experts in the field of PhD research project
  • Interdisciplinary exchange in joint courses, retreats or workshops, and social events
  • Additional financial support e.g. in form of completion or mobility grants
  • Low hierarchies and open door policies
  • A strong students voice in the doctoral school's Steering Committee
  • Committed administrative support

3. Requirements by the curriculum of the University of Vienna

4. Tuition fee

  • As long as you study at the University of Vienna, you have to pay the Students' Union fee and sometimes also the tuition fee on time every semester.
  • The amount of the tuition fee varies depending on your citizenship (EU/EEA citizens or non-EU/EEA) and also on how long you have already been studying.
  • Detailed information on tuition fee but as well on exceptions can be found on the hompage of the Teaching Affairs and Study Services Unit.
  • For basic information on tuition fee and application for "Equal status with EU/EEA citizens" - please email the doc school coordinator Isolde Prommer.

5. International doctoral candidates

Moving to a new city and country and findig your way around a new university can be very challenging, especially in the beginning. Finding a place to live, taking care of insurances (e.g. non-employed students) and a residence permit or finding things that need taking care of.

Useful links


  • The 'Liaison Officers' are the first contact persons from third countries and provide initial information about visa and residence permit. The Liaison Officer of the Faculty of Life Sciences is Ms. Susanne Menschik-Zunzer.
  • As well, the PhaNuSpo coordinator Isolde Prommer can provide initial information abut visa, residence permit and admission to studies. 
  • The Human Resources Department can only support candidates with employment contracts at the University of Vienna: Email
  • Doctoral candidates who are/will not be employed by the University of Vienna, e.g. fellowship holders or self-financed students, are supported by the Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation - OeAD. Contact via webform or by email

6. Navigating through Vienna

Collection of weblinks on topics such as purchasing public transport tickets, cultural events, etc. to follow soon.