How many ECTS do I have to obtain?

Doctoral programmes in Pharmacy and Nutritional Sciences


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PhD programme in Sport Science

PhD candidates are required to complete the following:

  • Courses (both with continuous assessment or without continuous assessment) comprising 18 to 30 ECTS credit. These courses cannot be replaced by ECTS obtained from workshops, conference visits, co-mentoring of master theses etc.
  • As a PhaNuSpo PhD candidate the following courses need to be part of the dissertation agreement: "SE Research Ethics for PhD students" (once) and "SE PhaNuSpo Scientific Lectures - Meet the Expert" (at least once). Other courses shall be selected in agreement with the supervising team.
  • Further 4 ECTS should be obtained through additional achievements such as: presenting research findings at (inter-)national conferences (at least once), co-mentoring of master thesis, and attending the PhaNuSpo Annual Retreat (at least once).
  • In addition, courses in transferable skills are desirable, but should be chosen on an individual basis (i.e. those from the Center for Doctoral Studies or additional skills necessary for the PhD project). These courses can be awarded with ECTS if the workload is at least 25 hours.
  • The exact specification of additional academic achievements, including ECTS credits and hours per week per semester as well as all details about the writing and supervision of the doctoral thesis are recorded in the doctoral thesis agreement. 

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How do I get credits for external achievements?

  • 2 ECTS: attendance of an (inter)national scientific meeting (duration: five full days)
    Required documents: Certificate of attendance and conference flyer (as a single PDF file)
  • 4 ECTS: first author presentation of your research at an (inter)national scientific meeting in form of a poster or a talk
    Required documents are: certificate of attendance, abstract book and abstract (as a single PDF file).
  • 2 ECTS per stay in an extramural lab promoting the progress of your thesis project
    Required documents: description of performed activities/experiments and confirmation letters from host and supervisor (as a single PDF file)
  • 2 ECTS: co-mentoring of a master thesis (in total max. 6 ECTS)
    Required document: according your dissertation area, the filled in and signed template
  • ECTS for any other external achievements such as transferable skills courses, summer/winter schools, etc.: credits based on workload in hours.
    Required documents: certificate of attendance
  • 1 ECTS for participation at the annual retreat

 When and where do I send these documents?

Please do not send your documents before your public presentation. Do this together with your doctoral thesis agreement, which you must submit after your public presentation; and thereafter, we ask to submit those together with your annual progress reports.