Code of Good Practice & Good Scientific Practice

Code of Good Practice for Doctoral Schools

The Code of Good Practice for Doctoral Schools (April 2020) provides guidelines for good practice that are binding for all members of the Vienna Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences .It contains information about: 

  • Responsibilities of the directorate of the VDS PhaNuSpo
  • Responsibilities of the supervisors
  • Responsibilities of the doctoral students

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PIs and PhDs can consent by signing online here

Code of Conduct der Universität Wien (2013

in German

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Good Scientific Practice

Please pay attention to the rules of good scientific practice! "Good scientific practice embraces all the procedures and practices that are necessary for planning, conducting and reporting research and scholarship within a framework of scientific integrity."
European Science Foundation Policy Briefing 10 "Good Scientific Practice in Research and Scholarship", S. 5

Each Semester the Center for Doctoral Studies offers workshops on this topic.
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