Deadlines: no applications in retrospect

  • "Travel grant": on a regular basis, at least 2 months in advance
  • "Mobility grant": 15 January, 15 April, 15 July and 15 October

1. Aim

The Vienna Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences (VDS PhaNuSpo) promotes the international mobility of its PhD students. The PhaNuSpo travel & mobility grants aim to enhance scientific reputation, career development and networking of PhD candidates.

  • "Travel grant" to support PhD students presenting their scientific work at international science conferences, symposia, workshops or summer/winter schools.
  • "Mobility grant" to support and enhance direct collaboration with experts from another laboratory (national and international). Working under supervision in infrastructure of host labs can be very fruitful for personal and PhD project development. Furthermore, this is a chance to master working outside of individual comfort zone and thus PhD students will benefit from new inputs, perspectives, valuable technologies as well as an extended professional network.

Please note that PhaNuSpo funds are limited, thus conference participation and attendance in host labs can only be supported if no other sources of funding are available. Therefore, first talk to your supervisor(s) whether other financial resources are available, particularly if you are employed via a third-party funded project or the global budget. Travel support is generally planned into such budgets. Also, note that other funding sources support travel, including (at least in part) research stays abroad, such as Short-term grants abroad (KWA), Marietta Blau-Grant (OeAD), Erasmus+ Mobility programmes among others, or by funding schemes of the conference organisers.

2. Guidelines for the award of a grant

 a) Eligible persons

  • The applicants is a regular PhD/doctoral students without or with employment relationship to the University of Vienna.
  • The applicant and his/her univie supervisor(s) are VDS PhaNuSpo members and signed the Code of Good Practice for Doctoral Schools.
  • The applicant must have passed the public presentation (FÖP) within 12 months (cut-off-day respective submission deadline), submitted the doctoral thesis agreement and submitted the annual progress reports on a regular basis since then.

b) Eligible activities

The applicant has been invited or admitted to the scientific conference, symposia, workshop, summer/winter school or extramural host lab stay for which they are applying for funding, i.e.

  •  "Travel grant": Active participation (poster/talk) in international scientific conference, symposia, workshops or summer/winter schools in the field of your PhD topic and be proven by a certificate of (successful) attendance.
  • "Mobility grant": Stay in a laboratory of at least one week, with added value to the progress and outcome of applicant’s doctoral thesis.

Event or start of host lab stay should optimally take place within 6 months after application deadline.

c) Amount and frequency of funding

  • "Travel grant": a maximum of 75 percent of effective costs and a maximum amount of 500 € for Austria, 700 € for EU & EEA countries, and 1,000 € for travel outside Europe.
    • Eligible costs: travel and accommodation (flight economy/ train second class/ low budget), conference fee (up to 380 € refund) and costs for Visa
    • PhD candidates can get a maximum of one grant per year during active PhD studies.
  • "Mobility grant": a maximum of 75 percent of the costs and amount to a maximum of 3,000 €
    • Eligible costs: travel and accommodation (economy/low budget), costs for Visa, and bench fees or consumables where it is justified (of up to 500,00 €/month).
    • PhD candidates can receive once financial support during active PhD studies.

Salary or insurances are not funded within those two funding schemes.

Please note that the regulations of the University of Vienna regarding travelling apply, and there is NO reimbursement of daily allowances.

3. Application

b) Online application

  1. Download either "Travel grant" (conference, symposia, workshop or summer/winter school) or "Mobility grant" (host lab stay) application template.
  2. Complete application template, sign and annex required documents
  3. Complete the online form and upload the application template including annexes as a single PDF file
  4. Submit
  5. Complete submission by confirming submission: you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link.

Application template & required annexes to be composed of

  • Justification and motivation with reference to PhD research project, benefits and added value, statement of support of main supervisor, including a declaration that potential extra costs exceeding the maximal grant can be covered.
  • "Mobility grant": invitation letter of prospective host lab, including a justification of bench fees if those are applied for.
  • "Travel grant": invitation letter to the event, proof of accepted contribution and abstract of presentation (if applicable), and the proof of payment of fee (can be submitted later in justified cases).
  • If available, copies travel & accommodation booking/payment.

4. Decision

  • Applications will be evaluated by the heads of the VDS PhaNuSpo within one month after submission or submission deadline.
  • We intend to fund as many high-scored proposals as possible within the limits of the allocated PhaNuSpo budget.

5. Upon your return

  • The grant holder agrees to write a brief report (preferable including an informative photo) that will be published on the PhaNuSpo homepage.
  • Plus handing in a “Confirmation of attendance” (host lab template is available here) and copies of the original invoices including proof of payment to
  • The PhaNuSpo office checks the submitted documents for completeness and correctness. After successful verification, the applicant will receive a formal email and information on the further steps to be taken in order to receive the granted travel/mobility subsidy.