At the University of Vienna, enthusiastic and excellent doctoral students are working on fascinating projects that are relevant to society as a whole. In order to inform a wider audience about doctoral research projects in the life and sport sciences and to create a space for discussion of important topics, the VDS PhaNuSpo encourages and supports its doctoral students to run this podcast.

"Welcome to Lifesciences Sciencelife, a podcast which presents current advances in science while exploring the challenges and triumphs of PhD life. This is a podcast of the University of Vienna’s Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences.

Allow our team of PhDs to take you on a journey to discover current research projects developed at the University of Vienna by us and our special guests, including fellow PhDs, postdocs and professors. Tune in for thought-provoking discussions and insights from experts in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and sports fields.

We will also share anecdotes and experiences about the challenges and joys of academic life by addressing topics ranging from everyday struggles in the lab, multicultural exchange, navigating work-life balance, choosing career paths and many more!

Whether you're a budding researcher or simply curious about the academic world, this podcast is your window into the vibrant universe of academic life. Engage with us in meaningful discussions, learn about research in the pharma, nutrition and sports fields, and listen to anecdotes about the intricacies of day-to-day PhD life. Science and gossip, what else do you need?

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Preview of episode 2

In the second episode, our PhD student Johanna gives an insight into exercise therapy for people with long covid and her experiences in planning and conducting a study with human subjects. Curious? Then tune in on Thursday 18 July 2024 and subscribe to our LifeSciences ScienceLife podcast series.

Episode 1 - Bioplastics

This episode was written by Sarah Stellnberger (PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences), hosted by Agnes Draxler (Alumna and early-postdoc research at the Department of Nutritional Sciences) and Shara Natalia Sosa Cabrera (PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences), edited by Simon Schenk-Mair, and produced by Andrea Cabrera (PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences).

In this episode we interviewed Sarah Stellnberger, a 2nd year PhD student, about her research project on the cellular effects of bioplastics and their implications for human health and environmental sustainability. We explore the challenges and breakthroughs in this research field, which is currently attracting significant interest, shedding light on the quest for safer, more sustainable materials. We also share how meditation played a pivotal role in helping Sarah maintain focus and balance throughout her PhD journey. Tune in to learn about the fascinating world of bioplastic research and discover practical tips for integrating meditation into your own academic and professional life.

Sarah Stellnberger

Shara Natalia Sosa Cabrera


We are excited to share our teaser with you. Whether you're a budding researcher or just curious about the academic world, this is your chance to listen to our PhD students discussing their latest research experiences and follow them on their journey through PhD life. To make sure you don't miss any episodes, subscribe and tune in every third Thursday of the month. Our first episode on the cellular effects of bioplastics and their implications for human health is set to air on the 20th of June 2024.