2022 Retreat

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Annual PhaNuSpo Retreat

An annual two-day retreat will be held at a venue outside the university which will be open to all doctoral students within VDS PhaNuSpo, participation is obligatory for doctoral students who are school-members. Within the retreat doctoral students will e.g. report the advances of their work, critically discuss recent and future research trends with all school members and invited experts, decide upon further procedures and strategies, and discuss their future perspectives/job possibilities in an interdisciplinary and translational environment. All PIs/supervisors shall be present as well as invited key researchers from academia and/or industry. Moreover, the SAB will be invited to attend the retreat and provide input into the future directions and decisions of the school.

 Previous Retreats

2nd Annual Retreat

18-19 September 2023 in Söchau, Styria

1st Annual Retreat

12-13 September 2022 in Seitenstetten, Lower Austria