Courses strongly recommended by the VDS PhaNuSpo

PhaNuSpo Scientific Lecture Series "Meet the Expert"

The VDS PhaNuSpo supports its doctoral students in strengthening interdisciplinary exchange and networking by organising and promoting lectures with invited international researchers from academia and industry.

Each lecture in the series consists of a 'Meet the Expert roundtable', where students have the opportunity to meet and discuss topics beyond their own research (e.g. career development) with experts in the fields of pharmaceutical, nutritional and sport sciences. Following the roundtabel, the invited guest speakers will give a talk on their area of research. The 'Meet the Expert roundtables' are reserved for PhaNuSpo doctoral students, but the talks are also open to PhD students from other doctoral schools and Masters students.

Credits: 1.00 ECTS | Language: English | Contact: Ina Bergheim | Registration 2024S in u:space until 27.02.2024

Format: One online introductory session and six on-site lectures per semester. The "Meet the Expert" roundtables take place from 15:30-16:15, followed by a lecture from 16:45-17:45.

Assessment and requirements: Active participation in all lectures as far as possible (exceptions by arrangement) and participation in at least two 'Meet the Expert roundtables' of your choice.

Studenten bei einem Seminar im Seminarraum der Zukunft

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Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

We ask all students whose doctoral studies started on/after 1 March 2024 to register for this course.

The VDS PhaNuSpo offers its doctoral students a training course on "Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)", which consists of one training session per year and includes the following modules

  • Responsible Conduct of Research: strategies to deal with issues and dilemmas that occur in life science research; identify breach of RCR by other researchers
  • Integrity in academic publication: authorship and peer review
  • Responsible research through supervision, mentoring and working together
  • RCR for the next career path

During each training session, the PhD students will discuss different aspects of research integrity, illustrated by a wide variety of cases, and share their experiences with their PhD fellows.

After the completion of all four modules, you will receive 1 ECTS and a course certificate.

Module I takes place on 23 May 2024, 9-13hrs (with breaks) and registration is open until 15 April 2024,

Research Ethics for PhD students

Update: We regret that this course will not be available in 2024S. We strongly recommend that you attend the RCR course.

The aim of this seminar is to give a practically oriented overview about important ethical issues in research covering topics relevant to good scientific practice such as: 1) human research (study design, ethics approval, data analysis, conflicts of interest, ...) 2) publication (authorship, redundant publication, plagiarism, ...) 3) animal research. 

Credits: 1.00 ECTS | Frequency: every summer term | Language: English | Contact: Barbara Wessner

Assessment and requirements: attendance is compulsory for 75% of the units; presentation on the ethical aspects of one's own research work (40%); and seminar paper with reference to one's own dissertation (60%).

Der große Lesesaal der Hauptbibliothek im Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien.


Annual retreat

The PhaNuSpo annual retreat will take place at a venue outside the University of Vienna. You can expect a two-day schedule filled with captivating scientific talks and poster presentations by our PIs, PhD students and keynote speaker(s) in order to highlight the diversity of research conducted at the VDS PhaNuSpo. In addition, a series of transferable skills workshops will be offered. It is a perfect opportunity to network, learn and to have fun!

The next annual retreat will take place on 16-17 September 2024.

Department Meeting (former lecture series 'Pharma and Food')

During the summer semester 2024, a selection of exciting lectures are offered by international and local experts in the pharmaceutical, nutritional sciences and related fields. All units will be held on-site in lecture room 6 (HS6) of UZA2, Thursdays at 11.30 h. A table with an overview of all lectures is provided at the website of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Credits: 1 ECTS | Language: German | Contact: Johannes Kirchmair | Registration for 2024S in u:space until 15.03.2024

Assessment and Requirements: Attendance at lectures and active contribution to the discussions of the talks. After the talk the attendance list will be signed by the host of the lecture. For successful participation of the lecture series the participant can miss two lectures during this term.

Research Data Management (RDM)

The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of essential principles and practices of research data manaement. You'll learn about data organization, documentation, data management plans, metadata, data sharing, data security, data archiving, legal and ethical issues. We'll also cover FAIR principles and open science. A combination of an online self-study course and two interactive half-day workshops will teach you how to effectively manage research data throughout the entire research lifecycle.

 Next course:

  • March 18th and 19th, 9 am - 12pm 
  • Space is limited and registration is required. You can find the registration link here or follow the QR code on the really cool attached flyer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Emily (Life Sciences Data Steward) ( or Michael (CeMESS Data Steward) (
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