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Public presentation of the doctoral thesis project

According to the Statutes, the topic of the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the Director of the Doctoral School within the first year. The approval is based on the research proposal and its public presentation.

The public presentation serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, new doctoral candidates and their research topics are introduced to the faculty. Secondly, the presentation is supposed to offer all attendants a platform for exchange and feedback.

The public presentation is generally chaired by the Dircetor or Vice-Director of PhaNuSpo and attended by members of the doctoral advisory board and PI-Panel. They will provide feedback to the research projects and evaluate whether the projects meets the scientific standards and if they can be realized successfully in a reasonable timeframe.

If your presentation was successful, your topic and the supervisor(s) will get approved by the Director of the Programme right after the presentation. If your topic is not approved you have the possibility to recall your application, adapt your research proposal and reapply for the approval of your topic.


 Please Note

According to the Statutes, doctoral candidates have to pass the public presentation of their dissertation project within the first year.

The research proposal and the presentation at the faculty are the requirement for the approval of the dissertation project and the conclusion of the doctoral thesis agreement.


Visit the public presentations! In doing so you can get a first impression of what will be expected from you. Additionally it is a great way to learn about current research projects at your Faculty.

The Center for Doctoral Studies offers regularly workshops on "Outline and Exposé writing". Registration for these workshops is possible via UNIVIS online.To the workshop offer of the Center for Doctoral Studies.

 Registration for the public presentation

In order to register / to apply for the public presentation, the following documents need to be submitted by Email to your Executive Manager. 

  • Max. 10 page Exposé (in English)
    Guidelines for Exposé writing for the public presentation you find here
  • Additionally, doctoral candidates have to register the topic of their doctoral thesis and their supervisors using the official forms SL/D11 and SL/W1, and if necessary, the forms SL/D12 and SL/W4 (see below)
  • Please name your files as follows: Expose_Surname.pdf, SL.D11_Surename.pdf, etc.