Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Arnold Baca


Our vision is to enhance our knowledge about human movements as well as the development and evaluation of informatics methods for supporting sports activities. The overarching objective is to increase performance in athletes, promote physical activity, prevent injuries in healthy individuals, accelerate rehabilitation after injuries, and improve clinical decision-making in people with movement disorders.

One main activity of the department is to use neuro-mechanical principles to analyse human movement. Additional emphases are the systematic analysis of game sports and the development of feedback systems and intelligent motion advisors.

PhD students

Alexander Josef Aigner Jonas Raphael BischofbergerMartin Dobiasch
Alexander Pürzel Kevin Bischof Runqing Ma
Bence Supola Manfred Zöger Willi Koller
Bernhard Dumphart Marius Mandl