Thesis title: "Social Justice Pedagogies – Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives on Meeting Students’ Diversity in Physical Education"

Thesis outline: Diversity is omnipresent and social justice is of high relevance for modern societies (Azzarito et al., 2017; United Nations, 2015). Students’ diversity and the promotion of social justice represent an ongoing challenge for education, and so for physical education (PE) (Azzarito et al., 2017; Lynch et al., 2022). It is the requirement of PE to address students’ diversity so that the lessons are appropriate for all students (Lawson, 2018; Meier et al., 2022; Vickermann et al., 2021). Social justice pedagogies can serve as a theoretical framework for this. Even though, social justice pedagogies are not new, teaching practices concerning social justice are still rarely addressed within scientific literature in contrast to the vision of social justice itself. There is little evidence what PE teachers actually do to meet their students’ diversity and to teach for social justice (Gerdin et al., 2020; Schenker et al., 2019). Within the PhD project, a qualitative interview study will be conducted to investigate the PE teachers’ and students’ perspectives on meeting students’ diversity and contributing to social justice in PE.

Supervisor & Co-Mentor: Stefan Meier, Rosa Diketmüller