PhD students: Sport Science

PhD studentThesis (working) titleSupervisor(s)

Aigner, Alexander Josef

Elevated Resting Metabolic Rate and its Connection to Physical Activity: The Effects of Multimodal Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise on the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) Arnold Baca

Altermann,  Wolfgang

The effect of physical exercise on attention in adolescencePeter Gröpel
Aschauer, Rudolf Auswirkungen von Nährstoffen und Krafttraining auf Kraftentwicklung und funktionelle Gesundheit bei Personen im Alter von 65 bis 85 JahrenBarbara Wessner
Bischofberger, Jonas Raphael
Quantitative Modelling of Technical and Tactical Performance in Soccer Using Positional DataArnold Baca,
Erich Schikuta,
Roland Leser
Chen, Chuqi Developing a Machine Learning-Based Spatio-Temporal Performance Evaluation Framework for Basketball Coaching: Applications and Techniques Arnold Baca
Chetouani, AminArnold Baca
Dietrich, Daniel WendelinMotive und Erwartungen von Lehramtsstudierenden Bewegung und Sport - eine empirische Studie zur Erforschung der Gründe für Studienwahl, Berufswahl und StudienabbruchMichael Kolb
Dumphart, Bernhard
Reducing extrinsic errors in 3-dimensional clinical gait analysis by means of Artificial Intelligence PhD doctoral programme Sports ScienceArnold Baca,
Brian Horsak
Gaßner, Lucia AnnaCLIMB UP, HEAD UP! Sport Climbing with Parkinson's disease and the Impacts on the Qual­ity of Life Rochus Pokan
Gruber, Lean AlexanderAssociation between serum erythritol, cardiometabolic risk factors, dietary habits and physical activity of young adultsBarbara Wessner, Karl-Heinz Wagner
Heidrich, Franziska Anna
Social Justice Pedagogies – Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives on Meeting Students’ Diversity   Stefan Meier

Hofbauer, Theresa

Acute and chronic sex-specific effects of physical activity on the heart - an echocardiographic study Jürgen Scharhag,
Barbara Wessner
Höger, Brigitta Der Schulkörper als Ikone sportdidaktischer Diskurse vor dem Hintergrund der IntersektionalitätstheorieKonrad Kleiner
Hovorka, Matthias Long-term development of oxygen and mitochondrial capacity in trained and untrained adolescentsAlfred Nimmerichter
Kadlubowski, BjörnStrength training in elite youth soccer playersRobert Csapo,
Klaus Wirth
Koller, Willi
Validation and optimization of a workflow to predict bone rowth with musculosceletal simulations and FEM simulationsHans Kainz,
Arnold Baca
Ma, RunqingAnalysing Dynamic Networks in Football: Advancing Understanding of Collective Behaviours Arnold Baca
Mandl, Marius (Working) Effects of six-month strength training on Speed Strength Parameters, Forehand Topspin Stroke Performance and on Neuromuscular Modulation in Elite Junior Table Tennis players. Arnold Baca,
Klaus Wirth
Moitzi, Anna MariaInfluence of a diet with different glycaemic index and carbohydrate content on substrate utilization, energy storage, and performance-related parameters in endurance-trained menDaniel König,
Barbara Wessner

Peprnicek, Christoph

Forschungsprojekt zur Leistungssteigerung mittels (IHHT) - intermittierender Hypoxie - Hyperoxie TrainingBarbara Wessner,
Robert Csapo
Pürzel, Alexander  Biomechanical analysis of compensation strategies during the squat and conventional deadlift at high loads (90%+ Fmax)Hans Kainz,
Arnold Baca
Raidl, Peter
The Effects of Psychosocial Stress on Hypertrophy and Strength AdaptationsRobert Csapo,
Barbara Wessner
Retzer, HeidiElektronischer Arbeitsplatz und Arbeitsschäden - Rahmenbedingungen, Möglichkeiten und Barrieren für Bewegung am Arbeitsplatz

Johann Bröll,
Jürgen Scharhag

Sabic, Benjamin
Comparison of heart rates at fixed percentages and the ventilatory thresholds in patients with chronic heart & lung diseases and the effects on peak oxygen uptake (VO2peak) after a 6-week rehabilitation programJürgen Scharhag,
Karin Vonbank
Schnack, Tjorven Investigation of Antagonistic Training Response Modeling for the Prediction of Athletic Performance, and Applications of Machine Learning for Modeling Arnold Baca
Sick, Johanna
Exercise and long COVID-19:  Effects of different training modalities on long COVID-19 symptoms, physical performance, inflammation, health-related quality of life and cognitive functionDaniel König
Simonlehner, MarkULTRASKEL3D: Ultrasound-Based Skeletal 3D scans for Personalized Musculoskeletal Modelling Brian Horsak,
Hans Kainz
Slunecko, Michelle How is sleep duration and quality re-lated to body composition, muscle function, performance, and training adaptation? Robert Csapo,
Barbara Wessner
Steindl, Gerald Arnold Baca
Unterberger, SandraZusammenspiel von Krafttraining und Optimierung der Nährstoffzufuhr auf Muskelqualität und Immunfunktion bei Personen im Alter von 65 bis 85 JahrenBarbara Wessner,
Karl-Heinz Wagner
Wallnöfer, Elias KajMuscle coordination and joint load compared between heel raise exercise variations performed by dancers and sprinters.Hans Kainz,
Robert Csapo,
Arnold Baca
Weber, Anne Claudia Paola Gender roles and gender-specific images of movement and the body in the workers' sports movement from 1945 to 1971Rudolf Müllner
Zöger, ManfredSeitendifferenz bei unterschiedlichen Maximalkraftleistungen der unteren ExtremitätenAlfred Nimmerichter,
Arnold Baca