PhD students: Pharmaceutical Sciences

The PhD students are listed by division and sorted alphabetically by surname. (surname, first name)


  • Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    PhD studentThesis (working) titleSupervisor(s)

    Abi Saad, Marie Jose 

    Structure based drug discovery facilitated by NMR spectroscopy: targeting the main protease of SARS-CoV-2Julien Orts
    Aichinger, Lisa Assessment of micro- and nanoplastic induced inflammatory processes by medicinal imagingVerena Pichler
    Alioglu, Fatih

    Multimodal imaging in mouse tumor models

    Manfred Ogris
    Bayer, SebastianCell-type specific targeted delivery of lipid nanoparticlesChristoph Rademacher
    Cabrera Peralta, Andrea AntharIntermolecular dynamics and allostery of human BRD4-BD1 and -BD2Julien Orts

    Cobankovic, Iva

    Pharmacokinetic studies of novel modafinil analoguesThierry Langer 

    Dragačević, Vladimir

    Synthesis, structural and functional characterisation of novel atypical dopamine reuptake inhibitors with two chiral centres"Thierry Langer 
    Duman, IremExpansion of dynamic column-based 3D cell culture methods for drug evaluation by fluorescence imagingVerena Pichler, Manfred Ogris

    Eder, Marlene

    Manfred Ogris 
    Erdő, Gábor MátéApplication of integrative bioinformatics in the analysis of whole exome based multiomics and imaging for prediction and prognosis in the diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs)Wolfram Weckwerth, Steffen Waldherr, Gerhard Ecker 
    Falk, TorbenChristoph Rademacher

    Fellinger, Christian

    Development of Grid-based Methods for Better Prediction of Ligand Binding in Computer-aided Molecular DesignThierry Langer 

    Fooladi, Hosein

    Development of machine learning models for domain generalization in the chemical space Johannes Kirchmair 
    Garon, Arthur PhilippeTowards Next Generation Pharmacophore ModelsThierry Langer 
    Grabowski, AnnaIdentification of the cell type-specific molecular function of the NORAD-PUMILIO axis in agingFlorian Kopp

    Granulo, Nejra

    The Macrocyclic Landscape of Solute Carrier TransportersGerhard Ecker 
    Grillberger, KarinA structure-based view on molecular initiating events (MIEs) related to developmental neurotoxicity (DNT)Gerhard Ecker 
    Helmke, Palle SteenBiological and Chemical Fingerprinting for Target PredictionGerhard Ecker 
    Hirte, SteffenIdentification and explanation of frequent-hitter behaviour of small organic molecules using Bayesian methodsJohannes Kirchmair 
    Hong, DachengDevelopment of glycomimetic ligands for C-type lectin receptorsChristoph Rademacher 
    Huang, JiahuiStructure landscape analysis and functional mapping of disease-relevant mutations on SLC transportersGerhard Ecker 
    Jacob, Roxane AxelDeep Learning Methods for the Prediction of the Metabolic Fate of Small Organic Molecules Johannes Kirchmair 

    Janneschütz, Jasmin 

    Syntheses of Antiviral and Antibacterial Marine Natural Products and Analogues 

    Nina Schützenmeister 
    Kandler, JuliaA structure-based view on transporters involved in thyroid hormone homeostasisGerhard Ecker 
    Kogler, LukasDeveloping new strategies for the production and labelling of micro- and nano-plasticVerena Pichler 
    Kulterer, Elisa Sophia Manfred Ogris
    Lefebre, JohnathanInvestigation of allosteric modulation of C-type lectinsChristoph Rademacher 
    Schwingenschlögl-Maisetschläger, VerenaEstablishment of a fully automated dynamic column-based three-dimensional cell culture method for radiotracer assessment Verena Pichler 

    Mekni, Nedra

    Computational approaches for the rational design of Inflammasome inhibitorsThierry Langer, Ugo Perricone
    Millard, MarlonDesign and synthesis of ligands for the muscarinic acetylcholine receptorsThierry Langer, Verena Pichler 
    Müller, CarinaProteomic characterization of the dopamine transporter by mass spectrometry and the impact on the dopaminergic system by cognitive enhancersThierry Langer, Ernst Urban 
    Nerín Fonz, FranchoDevelopment of a computational methodology to detect allosteric pathways in proteins and application in drug discoveryChristoph Rademacher, Zoe Cournia 
    Nguyen, Thi Thuy AnhThe molecular mechanism of  long non-coding RNA NORAD  in cellular stress response pathwaysFlorian Kopp

    Ning, Yunzhan

    Molecular Design in Ligand-based Targeted Delivery for the Development of Novel mRNA Vaccine Carriers Christoph Rademacher 

    Omran, Abir

    Toxicity Prediction of Biological DrugsGerhard Ecker 
    Palmacci, VincenzoMachine learning models for the identification of compounds likely to interfere with biological assaysJohannes Kirchmair

    Permann, Christian

    Molecular Informatics of Next Generation Macrocycles"Thierry Langer 

    Pillari, Veronica 

    Expanding the Chemical Space of Fluorinated Scaffolds via the Design and the Development of Novel Functionalized Nucleophilic ReagentsVittorio Pace
    Prosche, AileenCharacterization of the cell physiological role of the NORAD-PUMILIO axis in tissue homeostasis and regeneration during agingFlorian Kopp 
    Rahhal, NowrasTargeted delivery to Langerhans cells via Lipid NanoparticlesChristoph Rademacher 
    Rose, DanielMachine Learning Algorithms and Data ScienceThierry Langer 
    Schindler, FlorianMetabolic characterization and natural product isolation of mutualistic plant-bacteria systemsThierry Langer, Wolfram Weckwerth
    Scholda, JuliaThe role of noncoding RNA NORAD in ER stress and the unfolded protein responseFlorian Kopp, Manfred Ogris 

    Scholz, Vincent-Alexander

    Johannes Kirchmair 
    Simic, StefanPharmacokinetic profiling of novel anti-Alzheimer’s agentsThierry Langer 
    Smajic, AljosaDecentralized Machine Learning Approaches for Toxicity PredictionsGerhard Ecker 

    Spreitzer, Markus

    Metabolic studies of muscarinic antagonists by LC-HRMSThierry Langer 

    Stellnberger, Sarah Luise

    Investigating the effect of bioplastic-derived micro- and nanoplastics on human healthVerena Pichler 

    Tkaczyk, Sara

    Thierry Langer 
    Van Hoey, ClaraDevelopment of a non-nucleoside inhibitor of enterovirus polymerases: Computer-aided design, synthesis and biological evaluationThierry Langer 

    Vu, Thi Ngoc Lan

    Development and application of machine learning approaches integrating protein structural and ligand information for target predictionJohannes Kirchmair 
    Watzinger, SimonVerena Pichler
    Weiss, SilviaBacterial ghosts as immune-stimulating adjuvant to chemotherapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaManfred Ogris 
    Zhang, HuanniDevelopment of computational approaches for quantifying molecular beauty in the context of drug discovery Johannes Kirchmair
  • Division of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics
    PhD student Thesis (working) title Supervisor(s)
    Abdelrahman Abdelltif Abdelrahman, NamarigBolalipids as new class of penetration enhancers in dermal productsLea Ann Dailey, Victoria Klang
    Gausterer, Julia ClaraEntwicklung und Charakterisierung von halbfesten und nanopartikulären Arzneiformen zur Anwendung in Allergologie und OtologieFranz Gabor
    Hämmerli, AlexanderFrom Gene to Drug - Integrated Process Strategies for the Production of Novel Drug Delivery Systems with Drug Conjugates and Fusion ProteinsFranz Gabor, Michael Wirth, Lukas Neutsch
    Li, FengStudy on different biocompatible pulmonary drug delivery systems for the enhanced treatment of respiratory tuberculosis infectionsLea Ann Dailey
    Lummerstorfer, MariaDevelopment of nanoformulations for therapeutic biomolecules and genome-editing componentsUlrich Lächelt
    Pfleger, TanjaPanax ginseng extract as herbal antioxidant in dermal preparations: technological aspects and in vitro effects on human dermal primary cellLea Ann Dailey
    Phan Xuan, Thuöng Development of high entropy nanoparticles as nanozymes to improve the sensitivity of point-ofcare in vitro diagnostic tests for pre-screening of respiratory infectionsLea Ann Dailey
    Sarne, VictoriaThe role of KIF5B in skeletal development and the emergence of a skeletal dysplasiaWinfried Neuhaus
    Schwarzinger, JacquelineInhalation of natural products against lung infection - Biopharmaceutical profiling of selected natural product sample sets and determination of the inhalation formulation approachLea Ann Dailey
    Shahir, MehriGlycomimetic-based targeted delivery of antigens to Langerhans cells for immune activation and the indication of toleranceChristoph Rademacher
    Steiner, KatjaPhospholipid-based emulsifiers for sunscreen development: impact of UVA and effect on skin properties in vitro, ex vivo and in vivoLea Ann Dailey, Victoria Klang
    Wimmer, LukasEnhancing micro- and nanoplastics research: Using pharmaceutical methodologies to develop reference micro- and nanoplastics for studying the impacts of plastics on human healthLea Ann Dailey
    Xue, ZianDevelopment of a Cas9-sgRNA Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) Delivery System for Targeting KRAS-G12D in Colorectal CancerUlrich Lächelt
  • Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology
    PhD studentThesis (working) titleSupervisor(s)
    Abdelaziz, Ramadan Faried Abbas Lysosomal proteases impact on cancer and infectious diseasesChristian Studenik, Tamer Salem
    Baltov, Bozhidar Borislavov2D and 3D cultures of stem cell derived cardiac cells on patterned cell culture surfaces for cardiotox studiesSteffen Hering
    Friesacher, Theres EvaNovel approaches to investigate the regulation of G-protein coupled inward rectifier K+ channels by GβγAnna Weinzinger
    Garifulina, AleksandraModulation of Ligand-Gated Ion Channels by Peptides and Low-Molecular-Weight CompoundsSteffen Hering
    Grundtner, SabrinaChronic pain a disease, which is not well understood on the molecular levelManuela Schmidt, Christian Studenik
    Huber, Anna MagdalenaGeneration of functionally active neurons from fibroblasts derived from Rett syndrome patients via a non-integrating reprogramming strategy for in vitro protein replacement therapyFranco Laccone, Christian Studenik
    Kampleitner, CarinaIdentifying the molecular and cellular pathways associated with bone fracture healing with and without biomaterials in healthy and osteoporotic boneOskar Hoffmann, Klaus Wirth
    Netzer, MichaelElectrophysiological characterization and proof of principle cardiotoxicity screenings of cardioidsSteffen Hering
    Pasokh, AmirTargeting the gut-brain axis in hypertension-induced brain injuryMarietta Zille
  • Division of Pharmacognosy
    PhD student Thesis (working) titleSupervisor(s)
    Adelsberger, SigridInhalation of natural products against lung infections – extraction, isolation and analysis of selected natural product sample sets and  analytical evaluation of inhalable formulationsUlrike Grienke
    Bahiraii, SheydaMetabolic immunomodulation by natural products with focus on macrophage polarizationElke Heiß
    Brenner, MartinCausal role of altered cellular energy metabolism for immunomodulation by selected natural productsElke Heiß, Wolfram Weckwerth
    Coffey, ChristineIdentifying Nature’s c(h)AMPions: Func-tional and mechanistic characterization of natural product derivatives as PDE4 inhibi-tors. Verena Dirsch
    Eichenauer, ElisabethTraditional herbal medicines for wound healing: phytochemical profiling and activity screeningSabine Glasl-Tazreiter, Elke Heiß
    Haiss, PatriciaExamination of the preventive/therapeutic potential of natural products in atherosclerotic and proliferative vascular wall changes using cell-based modelsVerena Dirsch
    Malfent, FabianDiscovery of novel natural products from bacteria isolated from environmental sources with conventional and genome mining approaches Sergey Zotchev
    Redl, MartinaIdentifying and dissecting health promoting natural products for healthy ageing in Caenorhabditis elegansJudith Rollinger
    Schwarz, PatrikDiscovery and biological evaluation of novel natural ligands for the nuclear receptor RORγVerena Dirsch, Elke Heiß
    Sosa Cabrera, Shara NataliaAMP(K)lifying Nrf2 - Digging into the fine‐tuned control of Nrf2‐mediated cellular responses by AMPKElke Heiß
    Vignolle, Anna (née Stich)Exploration of the secondary metabolite biosynthesis potential of the bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere of the medicinal plant Leontopodium nivaleSergey Zotchev
    Theiler, BarbaraMedicinal Plants against Diabetes Mellitus Search for New Antidiabetic Agents from Traditional MedicinesSabine Glasl-Tazreiter
    Wasilewicz, AndreasNatural products against acute respiratory infectionsJudith Rollinger, Johannes Kirchmair