Rebeka Fejes, BSc MSc


Thesis title: "Dietary Nitrate, Vascular Function and Oxidative Stress"

Thesis outline: The dissertation is a part of an FWF-funded clinical research project "Dietary nitrate, vascular function and inflammation" (project number: KLI 858) under the project management by Dr. Oliver Neubauer at the University of Vienna. The overall aim of this randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study is to investigate whether the daily intake of nitrate-rich beetroot juice over four weeks translates into improved cardiovascular health-related outcomes in older adults with treated mild high blood pressure. A specific aim is to examine whether the nitrate intake results in favorable changes in the systemic oxidative stress and inflammatory status and the oral bacteria community, and whether these changes correlate with cardiovascular-related outcomes. Identifier: NCT04584372

Funding: FWF, KLI 858

Supervisors: Karl-Heinz Wagner, Oliver Neubauer